Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the CONFERS leadership and governance body authorized to oversee the activities of the consortium and to exercise all the powers and authority in managing the business and other affairs of the consortium. The Executive Committee’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Approval of new members;
  • Removal of members that do not maintain member in Good Standing status;
  • Formation and management of other standing or temporary consortium subcommittees as needed; and
  • Dispute resolution between individual members, between members and the Secretariat relating to matters arising under the Articles of Collaboration connecting with other consortium business.
Jim Armor Image

Maj. Gen. Jim Armor, USAF (Ret.)
ChairmanSustaining Member
Space Logistics

Jeremy Schiel Photo

Jeremy Schiel
Co-ChairmanContributing Member
Orbit Fab, Inc.

Tim Deaver Image

Tim Deaver
TreasurerSustaining Member
Airbus Defense & Space, Inc.

Chris Blackerby Photo

Chris BlackerbySustaining Member

Talbot Jaeger Photo

Talbot JaegerContributing Member

Chris Kunstadter Photo

Chris KunstadterSustaining Member