URL: https://kursorbital.com/

Kurs Orbital is developing an on-orbit servicing platform that will deliver the cost benefits of reusability where it really counts. With its sensors, automatic rendezvous system, robotics, and control capabilities, Kurs One on-orbit servicer is launched just once and remains in space throughout its long lifetime, where it is never subjected to the risk and stress of repeated reentry and relaunch. We are looking forward to collaborating with CONFERS members regarding the development of the Kurs One on-orbit servicing platform and establishing standards for on-orbit servicing operations. We are also ready to operate with other members regarding Kurs rendezvous system integration within the CONFERS project’s ecosystem. Our main areas of interest include: spacecraft development, propulsion systems, robotics, space logistics, additive manufacturing, AI, and, of course, rendezvous technology.

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