URL: Olis Robotics

Olis Robotics has developed a state-of-the-art operating system (OS) for robots operating remotely in dynamic, challenging environments. Olis Robotics’ OS delivers enhanced capabilities to remote operators of robotic platforms with manipulators in space, sea, and land by providing a core command and control infrastructure, CoreOS, that supports the core operations in communication challenged environments, and application modules that bring enhanced capabilities to bear when needed in relevant scenarios. Application modules include visualization of a 3D digital twin of the workspace for enhanced operator situational awareness, machine learning based object detection, classification, localization, and tracking to reduce operator cognitive burden, and automation functions that improve operational efficiency and enable multi-robot control. These application modules provide operators with a 3D visualization of the workspace to train, execute and manage autonomous robot operations. Olis Robotics’ OS uses a human in the loop training approach that accelerates implementation of autonomous solutions; thus saving a significant amount of money in development and operating costs. Implementation of Olis Robotics’ OS exponentially increases robot operational capabilities to pave the way toward autonomy in dynamic, distant and often dangerous environments.

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